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  • Swimming Pools Daily pool maintenance can be time-consuming. Automating various components that keep your pool water filtered, clean and at the right temperature also saves you money on your energy bill.

    Wouldn’t you rather spend your time in the pool?

  • Solar Panels on the roof of your home can save you a ton on electricity. Solar are very affordable this days, components pricing also dropped significantly

    plus EU is giving significant financial support

  • Sweage pumps Our automation, power, and plant optimization solutions helps our customers reduce energy consumption/costs by up to 40% and ensure a smoth run.
  • Water suply pumps With the right pumps system, you not only deliver water, you deliver confidence, performance and peace of mind. CyAutomations offers a variety of water supply pumps for a variety of applications to keep the water flowing where and when it’s needed..

Pumps Systems

Need a boost? No worries, these pumps are built to handle pressure within residential and commercial applications
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From lawn sprinkling to low chemical transfer to commercial HVAC and more, we have a centrifugal pump primed and ready for action.
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Keeping the cold water flowing at the temperature you need throughout your marine or RV refrigeration system.
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Perfect pressure and maintain your system with effective pump motor control.
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Help deliver efficient comfort within commercial building HVAC, water supply and boosting systems with our high performing end suction pumps.
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Limited pump room space? No problem! Our in-line pumps mount directly into the pipeline so you get performance without added footprint.
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Deliver sustainable nourishment to crops and livestock with our quality, easy to maintain pumps.
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Helping your customers have more quality time on the water through quality pumps supporting their marine plumbing.
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Oil & Energy/Industrial & Fire Protection /Waste Management/Pharmaceutical, Chemical & Food Industries
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Reliable pumps that handle all types of fluid transfer applications.
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From pressurizing water for firefighting to pumping feedwater into a steam boiler to boosting water supply, we offer the right pump for the job.
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Helping to ensure the water from the well reaches where and when your customers need it.
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Electrical Automation Services


Swimming pools pumps and Automation systems, Pumps, Sollar Panels and systems.

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Control pannels, PLC's, Switch Gears, Lighting, Motors, Pumps, WareHouses, Shops.

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Electrical maintenance for Houses; buildings; shops; offices; factories

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Electrical automation upgrades

Domestical, Industrial, Buildings, Hotels, Offices, Shops, Warehouses, all electrical appliances.

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Control panels, pumps replacement, motor replacement, PLC's fault .

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24/7 Support

Emergency calls: boliers, lights, sockets, air conditions. You can chat with us on

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We off a large number of products in different industries and application areas. We have huge professional experience in industrial control system design, PLC programming, automation, control system installation, electrical control system monitoring and maintenance. next

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    CyAutomations manufactures electrical control cabinets to complete your technology and processes. Our flexible production can provide customer-specific deliveries. We efficiently manufacture cabinets according to your specifications and also install them with short lead-times.
    Commissioning projects for industrial logic-based control systems. Project commissioning is the process of assuring that all systems and components are designed, installed and tested according to their operational requirements. In practice, our professionals check, inspect, and test every operational component of the project, from individual functions all the way up to whole systems. Our know-how covers both industrial automation and mechanics.
    To enhance the functionality of your range of UPS and Generator solutions we can provide AC switchgear, designed specifically to suit the client’s application. This can range from relatively simple wall mounted UPS bypass systems incorporating output distribution to floor standing, high capacity LV panels with ATS and parallel generator control functionality.
  • HVAC
    Leadership and agility coupled with our innovative design and engineering capabilities give CyAutomations the competitive edge it needs to bring to the market high quality HVAC equipment, which offers customers dexterous solutions in energy efficiency, ultra-low noise, and high standards of air quality and custom-made technologies that set new standards in the HVAC industry.
    Your control systems are the heart of your operation. You can count on CyAutomations to provide a solutions that is reliable, efficient and engineered for safety. Our trained electrical engineers provide professional PLC programming services and control. We install and code controls and equipment fit for your process and environment.
  • Automation Design
    Our electrical design teams, provide complete automation electrical control design, including panel and cable layouts. From small projects to large full-scale implementation, we can meet all of your project’s needs efficiently.
    From installation to upgrading, CyAutomations can ensure your motor controls are finely tuned for your needs and compliant for your house or industry.
    When you’re looking to upgrade your systems, our sepcialists in Electrical and Automation have the best ideas. We have extensive experience upgrading machines from old relay logic to program logic.
    CyAutomations provides intelligent inverters that assist solar systems in the process of turning your businesses power from DC into AC for electricity to be generated for commercial use. Fully automated system that gives you the freedom to monitor your solar system wherever you are. We use state-of-the-art digital equipment to model your proposed commercial solar system

Maintenance automations

We offer full electrical maintenance for all the electrical appliences

Like: boilers; air conditions; VRV's; chillers; generators; preasure pumps; swerage pumps; swimming pools; control panels; PLC's.


29 / month

  • Rapid intervention.
  • Stock basic materials.
  • Low intervention price.
  • Guaranteed Solution
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599 / month

  • Dedicated maintenance team.
  • Stock electrical materials
  • Scheduale maintenance.
  • Guaranteed solutions.
  • 24/7 support.


CyAutomations is a leading installer of Industrial HVAC systems IN CYPRUS, achieves the desired temperature & humidity conditions. The use of standardized system components allows the customer to avoid the costs of a full custom design and a reduced lead time for the project as well (as low as 4 to 14 weeks). The engineering team can design your system as well as additional options for curbs, dampers, louvers, and grilles. The control systems utilize state of the art electronic and PLC controls to allow the building management to adjust the desired output accordingly while receiving real time feedback on the instrumentation.

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    Energy saving and cost Saving, highly efficient. The cost saving operation is realized with advanced inverter and heat pump technologies. Highly durability with anti-corrosion treatment is provided for installation in harsh environmental conditions. Custom-built installation and flexibility in power supply provide solutions to precisely meet customer requirements.
    Individual control and inverter technology minimize energy consumption to deliver optimum energy savings. VRV systems enable climate control settings for each zone to provide the best comfort to commercial building settings. Large allowances for piping length and level difference provide a flexible layout.
    Improved air quality with a steady inflow of fresh, conditioned air improves air quality of indoor settings. Energy recovery between supply air and exhaust air eliminates waste to realize efficient ventilation.
    Cyautometions allow you to chose optimum model from an extensive product lineup from medium- to large-scale facilities for use in a variety of applications. Utilizing the latest technology, you can achieve efficiency and energy-saving operation for outstanding cost saving performance. With meticulous attention to fine-tuning each facet of operation, we offer high efficiency for unmatched performance and economical operation.
    CyAutometions offers a comprehensive program of controllers, actuators and sensors to control a wide range of functions of HVAC system. All our solutions are designed to work with either existing or newly installed equipment and can oversee single or multiple environmental HVAC control systems. Both types of service are carried out under the professional supervision of our highly experienced and friendly technicians.
    Cyautomations offer economical heating for residential and commercial settings, we can also provide a total solution for domestic heating and hot water supply. Connecting solar collectors to the heat pump system further increases efficiency and savings.
    FCU units covering a wide performance range along with a full selection of indoor units deliver customized solutions to customers that precisely match their individual need. Advanced inverter technology manages operations during partial loads to deliver maximum energy efficiency without sacrificing comfort. Inverters maintain set temperature by detecting load and using variable speed control to maintain optimum efficiency and comfort.
    Streamer and filtration technologies remove airborne allergens such as mold, mites, and pollen as well as adjuvant substances, viruses, and bacteria. Various functions such as a monitor displaying current air conditions make operation simple and easy.