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CyAutomations can fully automate your office from building entrance with our automated barriers or control your acces doors with CYA890, we can use state of the art touch screen switches that controls blinds, air condition, ventilation, lights, that can say 'Occupied Office' or 'Bussy', can adjust audio volume. Or just use your phone or PC to control everything.

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Access Control CYA890

Fingerprint, NFC, Bluetooth, RFID
7" Touch screen display is a new generation terminal for general purpose management. With a interface fully customizable, auto-wake-up display that future a high resolution. Access control time attendance, unlimeted users. Multi-identification technology: Smart mobile key, Biometric fingerprint, Pin Code, RFID & NFC smart card.


Control Sliding Barrier
CyAutometions automated sliding barrier has a rapid identification technique for finger print, magnetic card, bar code card, ID card and IC card. One-way and two-way free passage can be set arbitrarile. High-intensity trafic light status indication, prompt alarm for illegal traffic, automatic counting and more...

Intelligent switches

Touch Switches
4mm thickness exclusive design completely tempered glass panel, good crystal effect, it will give you good visual effect, well enhance the office level and attraction. The glass surrounded chamfering processing and tempered processing ensure using safety, not like ordinary glass broken with edges and corners fragments angular to hurt scratch your hand. Meanwhile, the glass is anti-scratch, waterproof, leak-proof, easy to clean. Function keys text, font, size, symbols icons on the panel are easy for identification, very image and vivid. Customize design is available with different styles, including different languages according to clients requirements.

CYA 611

Robust quality speaker housing with built-in decoder and amplifying circuit Excellent CD quality output performance. Automatically completes synchronisation between the timing program of terminal and the servers. Supports incoming calls from unicasts, multicasts and all broadcasts within the LAN. Rated speakers output power is from 5W to 200W at peak performance. Waterproof and color customizable.

Smart Board

Touch Screen
Our 75 inch or 86 inch 4k UHD Lcd Touch Screen Smart Board Finger Interactive Whiteboard Panel Pc Touchscreen Monitor For conference combines interactive display and traditional blackboard together. It integrates with a capacitive LED Interactive display in the central and two foldable writable surface wings on the two sides is suitable for large conference rooms. Supports 30-point touch in windows mode and 10-point in android writing interactive functions, built-in android 8.0 OS with Conference system (UMind), multimedia publish app (UShow), and professional file management app (UFile),


Motion Sensor
Our amazing motion sensor can detect up to 6 rectangular areas that you can adjust, he can tell you how many persons are in the area, can make the diffrence between motion and presence, can switch on or off lights, auto adjust brightness, has temperature sensor incorporated for HVAC control, can be adjust for fire detection, thieves detection.


Intelligent strip light
For offices one of the most important thing is the light. We can install you strip lights that you can fully adjust, from brightness to color. Why to chose colors or brightness? Contact us now and have it all !!!!!

Cyprus Services

Offices Services


Lighting, sockets, switches, air conditions, power supply, basically any electrical service. .

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BMS system, Control pannels, Swimming pools, Motors, Pumps, Chillers.

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Maintenance issues need quick solutions. We’re here to help and can offer many solutions.

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Electrical inspection

All electrical installations should be inspected and tested regularly to confirm their condition for continued use

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Electrical/Automation Renovations that boost your offices and enhance your workers comfort.

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24/7 Support

HVAC, control panels, lights, sockets. You can call or chat with us any time on

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CyAutomations buildings electrical services designed by a Cyprus licenced engineer, assess the structure’s projected volume of energy consumption and then provide adequate solutions to reduce the energy demand, maintain the lowest possible greenhouse emissions while at the same time making sure that it won’t hurt your budget. We also offer maintanance at the lowest cost.

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